What You Should Eat with Wine:

Perhaps you’re searching for recipes for food and wine pairings so that you can enjoy your glass of wine even more?

Here you’ll find recommendations that let you know how to utilize wine to enhance your time at the table.

11 food and drink pairings can improve your already tried-and-tested wine-drinking experience.

1) Sangiovese is the Pizza Wine – Does It tastes the same to you!?

Italian wines pair best with American foods because they boost the flavor of tomato-based dishes like pizza and pasta. Italian wines generally possess an acidic property that helps calm the sweetness of tomato-based dishes, therefore complementing and feeding them. The acidity in these types of wines also helps balance out the saltiness of cheese or other salty ingredients used on pizzas.

2) Pinot Grigio Offers Tons of Fish-Friendlier Alternatives

Seafood usually has subtle flavors, so if you are pairing it with wine, keep away from flavorful types. Pinot Grigio suits seafood the best because it’s more subtle than many other choices. The wine will add a delectable degree of flavor without making the seafood taste overpowering. It is important to note that some fish can be too strong for certain varieties of wine; however, this doesn’t apply to pinot grigios. They’re great at balancing out any type of food.

3) Rosé Wine does well with Cheesy Dishes

Cheeses can make wine pairings a challenge. If you aren’t sure, go for Rosé with a go all-out cheesy grilled cheese panini. The reason why is that Rosé has the exact consistency of white wines that are dry and the taste of red wines that are sweet. This makes it perfect for pairing with cheeses because they both have similar tastes. You’ll find that your favorite types of cheeses work best with rosés as opposed to other varietals.

4) Prosecco goes well together with prosciutto and melon.

While prosciutto and melon skewers provide a savory complement to a glass of Prosecco, those bites alone are perfect for parties and can please any crowd. They are easy to prepare and are sure to please. If you’re looking for something more substantial, try serving them on top of pizza or pasta dishes.

5) Malbec at the next BBQ!

Whether you try traditional American barbecue flavours or opt to be adventurous and try Korean barbecue, you won’t be disappointed with the Malbec you choose to accompany it. Since barbecued foods feature a captivating, smokey flavour, choose a wine with the same qualities. Since Malbec is exotic and smoky, it can enhance the distinctive and smoky notes of barbecue sauce.

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