The History Of Beer Bottles And Their Brown Color

Most people know that beer is made from hops, a type of flower, and that it is often stored in brown glass bottles. But what you may not know is why these bottles are usually brown glass.

The History of Beer Bottles

The history of beer bottles starts with the use of ceramic pots to hold and store food. In the late 1700s, beer was brewed in Belgium and France and it was sold in small containers made from earthenware or glass. These early beers were either brown or amber in color because of the natural coloring agents used during brewing.

In 1853, an American brewer named Jacob Leinenkugel decided to sell his beer in a new glass container that he had invented. The bottle was cylindrical with a neck that fit over the top of a pot or keg of beer. The new bottle made it easy for brewers to transport their products and raised consumer expectations for quality.

The popularity of Leinenkugel’s bottles led other brewers to adopt similar design features. In 1876, Schlitz introduced a corrugated bottle that was a precursor to the modern aluminum can. The use of brightly-colored bottles helped breweries distinguish their products and created an association between beer and fun.

During the early days of Prohibition, unscrupulous brewers turned to the manufacture and sale of illicit spirits in order to make money. As a result, most beer was sold in clear or lightly tinted bottles. However, after Repeal in 1933, brewers were allowed to return to producing and selling beer in traditional containers such as kegs and barrels. This led to a resurgence in the use of colorful bottles, which made it easier for consumers to identify different brands and styles.

Today, most beers are sold in cans or bottles that are either clear or lightly tinted. However, there are a few beers that are sold in brightly-colored bottles, such as Heineken’s Tiger Lager and Blue Moon Belgian White.

Why Brown Glass Beer Bottles Are the Best

Brown glass bottles are the best for beer because they keep the beer cold and taste better than other colors. The brown color blocks out light, which keeps the beer colder. The darker color also gives the beer a richer flavor.

So most of the companies that make beer use brown bottles. With only some exceptions. But brown glass is the most popular color for beer bottles.

When beer is exposed to strong light, it can develop a harsh bitterness. because of this, many breweries keep their beer in brown bottles or cans to prevent the hops from becoming exposed to light.

Due to daylight’s effect on beer, brown glass bottles are the best type of container to store the beverage.

Brown Glasses Keep Beer Colder

Brown glass bottles are popular for cold storage of beer because of their ability to keep the beer colder longer than clear or green bottles.

The color of the glass is due to a natural occurring carbonation compound called tannin.

When the carbon dioxide in the beer reacts with the tannin in the glass, it forms a brown haze. This haze absorbs heat from the beer and keeps it cooler longer.

Brown glass beer bottles are the best because they protect the beer.

Brown glass beer bottles are the best because they protect the beer and they are easy to clean.

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